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HybridShield Thermal Arrays

This innovative material is composed of 3D structured, high-temperature, elastomeric pillars on flexible, fire resistant fabrics.

NanoSonic’s HybridShield Thermal Array materials are an integral component in the improved ‘Structure Firefighting Glove’, manufactured by Shelby Specialty Gloves. The new gloves are a combination of traditional materials and NanoSonic’s HybridShield insulated materials that are water-repellent as well as heat- and puncture-resistant.  The first of its kind, the new Structure Firefighting Glove is lightweight, has improved f form and better fit.  HybridShield Thermal Arrays on fiberglass are in stock, as shown. Contact us for custom materials and products.





Thermal-ArrayHybridShield® Thermal Arrays are 3D structured, high-temperature, elastomeric pillars on pliable, fire resistant fabrics. This innovative technology provides a fire blocking interlayer for use within flame and heat protective garments, equipment, shelters, and vehicles.  Thermal Array materials are available as single or double-sided 30″ x 60″ panels.

HybridShield Thermal Arrays create a conformal, flexible boundary for fire protection to underlying materials. Thermal Array materials are extremely flame resistant and dimensionally stable at high temperatures. Through the precisely tailored application of the three dimensional pillars, HybridShield Thermal Arrays provide an innovative fire blocking interlayer that has immediate utility within flame and heat protective garments, equipment, shelters, and vehicles. Compared to state-of-the-art insulative spacers and energy absorbing materials,

HybridShield Thermal Array materials technology offers:

  • enhanced flexibility for improved user comfort and protection
  • higher temperature resistance in compression
  • negligible water absorption
  • improved impact protection
  • minimal smoke toxicity

NOTE: For international orders, a minimum $2,000 (USD) is required and will be subject to review prior to purchase approval. Please contact us to process your order:

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  HybridShield Thermal Array Product Information (French)

HybridShield Thermal Array Product Information (German)

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 60 x 30 x 4 in
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For domestic orders, this item ships within 1 – 2 weeks via FedEx Ground.

Additional Information

For international orders please contact us: A minimum $2,000 (USD) order is required.

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