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Icephobic Aerosol Cans on Black

HybridShield Icephobic

Superior protection and durability compared to competing technologies for passive anti‐icing protection. Now available in aerosol spray cans.

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Product Description

HybridShield-IcephobicNanoSonic’s HybridShield® Icephobic coatings offer superior protection and durability compared to competing technologies for passive anti‐icing protection. Our materials provide exceptional durability, low ice adhesion, and substantial accretion temperature reductions. Commercial passive, anti-icing materials are primarily based on either siloxane or fluorinated organic systems that lack significant environmental and mechanical durability. NanoSonic’s HybridShield material is a two-part fluidic resin with improved environmental performance for exceptional resistance to ice-accretion for a variety of surfaces. NanoSonic’s HybridShield coatings are designed with tailored cure kinetics to ensure application with legacy spray deposition equipment, such as airless electric, HVLP, and high pressure air sprayers typically found in the industrial coating environment.


small_pdf HybridShield Icephobic Product Information

small_pdf HybridShield Icephobic Mixing Instructions

small_pdf HybridShield Icephobic Aerosol Product Information

small_pdf HybridShield Icephobic Aerosol Instructions for Use

Additional Information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 9 x 9 x 10 in
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For domestic orders, this item ships within 1 – 2 weeks via FedEx Ground

Additional Information

For Safety Data Sheet Information on this product, please contact us: For international orders: minimum $2,000 (USD) is required and will be subject to review prior to purchase approval. Please contact us to process your order:

Now Available!

HybridShield Icephobic Aerosol

NanoSonic’s innovative HybridShield Icephobic environmental coating is now available in aerosol spray cans.

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