NanoSonic, Inc. is a private company specializing in advanced materials and devices. We are headquartered in Pembroke, Virginia, near the main campus of Virginia Tech. We have three business units – Advanced Polymers, Nanomaterials, and Sensors and Systems. Our work is focused on the development and manufacture of novel materials. We offer research and development services to other companies and organizations, especially with an eye towards prototyping and commercialization.

"Creativity and Innovation are the Heart and Soul of Our Company"

  • Research & Development

    NanoSonic’s research equipment ranges in scale from well-equipped chemical fume hoods and 20 and 100 liter reactors, to self-assembly robotic systems and small-scale composite production units.  Read more →

  • Manufacturing

    Our dedicated manufacturing space supports the production of our HybridSil® and HybridShield® products with a 200-gallon batch reactor with current production capability of 8,000 lbs/day for related HybridSil and HybridShield nanocomposite formulations… Read more →

  • Sustainability

    Our company is dedicated to fostering a cleaner environment, finding more efficient ways to harvest and use the energy we have, and creating products that are made using processes that do not pollute our water, air or ground… Read more →

Premier Environmental Protection Products Now Commercially Available

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