• Nanoparticles Help Improve Materials

    Nanoparticles Help Improve Materials

    Tiny nanoparticles help NanoSonic create high-performance coatings using much less material to achieve properties such as anti-icing, anti-reflectivity and self-cleaning.
  • Polymers Grown in Laboratory

    Polymers Grown in Laboratory

    NanoSonic has extensive expertise in synthetic polymer chemistry to develop innovative materials from concept through application, using novel molecular architectures to achieve functionalities not possible with conventional materials.
  • Quieted by Non-Echoing Chamber

    Quieted by Non-Echoing Chamber

    NanoSonic's extensive research and development facilities include an anechoic chamber that inhibits reflections of electromagnetic waves.
  • NanoSonic

    NanoSonic's Metal Rubber

    What if a plane could alter the shape of its wings and body to adapt to varying conditions? NanoSonic's Metal Rubberâ„¢ could allow it to bend and stretch while conducting electrical signals.
  • HYBRIDSIL Wins 2011 R&D100 Award

    HYBRIDSIL Wins 2011 R&D100 Award

    NanoSonic's HYBRIDSIL high-performance materials technology was selected as a 2011 R&D 100 award winner.
  • HYBRIDSIL FlameBlast Protection

    HYBRIDSIL FlameBlast Protection

    NanoSonic's HYBRIDSIL protective coating solution - winner of a 2011 R&D100 Award - provides enhanced flame protection without toxic by-products.
  • Small Miracles at NanoSonic Profiled by Roanoke Business
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    Nanostructured Fabrics
    Nanostructured Fabrics
    NanoSonic’s innovative nanostructured fabrics are based on our self-assembled sheet stock material - Metal Rubber™. Our Metal Rubber fabrics exhibit the same exceptional properties ..more
    Metal Rubber Electrodes and Sensors
    Metal Rubber Electrodes and Sensors
    Metal Rubber™ is NanoSonic's unique, trademarked, self-assembled nanocomposite material that combines the high electrical conductivity of metals with the low mechanical modulus of elastomers. Our ..more
    HYBRIDSHIELD Fire Retardant Coating
    HYBRIDSHIELD Fire Retardant Coating
    Created from NanoSonic’s HYBRIDSIL Materials Technology, HYBRIDSHIELD® Fire Retardant Coating is an advanced polymer-based nanotechnology that provides state-of-the-art fire and flame protection to a broad ..more